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About BioCentric

If the 20th century was the century of physics,
then the 21st century will be the century of biology.

Craig Venter

Pioneer of the Human Genome Project


We live in exceptionel and exponentional times. The Age of Information is in full swing. Data is the new gold; you can mine it and sell it for billions of dollars. The biggest companies worldwide in both growth and market capital are the ones that deal in data.

Amidst all this, biology is becoming digitalized. Since the fist human genome was completed in 2001, the generation of data concerning DNA has exploded. DNA sequencing, which is the process of identifying the order of the nucleotides that make up our genes and genomes, is becoming mainstream. The cost per human genome has dropped from $2 billion to $1000 in 15 years. At this rate, knowing all your genes will become cheaper most other diagnostic test.

This flow of data has to be tamed. From computational biology to artificial intelligence to data science, many are applying cutting edge technologies to get to the insights that DNA promises. While the advances are notable, at the same time the data analysis makes the analysis more complex. The price of admission to DNA data science is high for non-R&D organisations, even though they can benefit greatly from it.

The mission of BioCentric is to help everyone that can use DNA data to get past the data science hurdle. BioCentric will provide the science to match the customers knowledge and use cases. BioCentric will set up the infrastructure and the tools needed to do state-of-the-art DNA analysis now only done by the big research departments. BioCentric will train customers to get the most out of their data.

We at BioCentric believe that DNA should be biology and not about data. We will help you make your research BioCentric again.