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BioIT Infrastructure

The term BioIT stems from Bioinformation Technology. It is the complete technology infrastructure that is used to perform genomics analysis. The best way of doing genomics should be within your own capacities and using your own knowledge; every analysis is unique and only you know the specifics. That is why having your own bioinformatics systems can be appealing.

There are many ways of setting up a BioIT infrastructure, but where to start? Open source bioinformatics software are broadly available but harder to install, manage and use without a system administrator background. Commercial tools are available but high costs can be a limiting factor.

The interplay between computational hardware, networking, storage and software is part of BioCentric’ focus; to bring bioinformatics to everyone who wants to use it. BioCentric will configure the hardware combined with the software to match the needs of your research. These infrastructure solutions will match the level of experience of the user, are scalable, and will be plug and play if required. Service contracts are negotiable. Please contact BioCentric to investigate the options for advancing your genomics research.