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Consultancy and Research

Anyone that wants to do genomics and genetics research today, will most likely achieve this using modern sequencing technologies. These technologies (also known as High Throughput or Next Generation Sequencing) generate an enormous amount of data for most types of research. While this is a big advantage for getting impactful results, we have reached the point where algorithm optimizations, statistics, data science and management has become a vital part of the experiment.

BioCentric aspires to be your partner in making bioinformatics and computational biology a functional part of your research, instead of a barrier. BioCentric gives you the advice you need to setup your experiment towards the right conclusions. BioCentric can provide you with the data analysis that you need, instead of the standard bioinformatics pipelines.

BioCentric aims to make bioinformatics available for all who want to work with DNA data. Please contact BioCentric to make this a reality.